Many of Ron’s images are built around spectacular environments, captured at their peak moments, often incorporating authentic, local people in their native life surroundings. The images frequently blur the division between the dramatic, nostalgic, and the serene.

Ron has conducted inspiring lectures to audiences throughout Asia, and he has instructed at international schools and accreditation programs. He is a guest lecturer for Nikon.

Ron feels that photography journeys, or “photographic learning experiences” as he describes them, is a perfect way to improve your photography. Our guests will discover that the new and interesting environments will significantly enhance the learning experience, and there are plenty of opportunities to try out concepts right away. The regular feedback, plus the camaraderie of sharing images with fellow travelers further adds to the enjoyment of your new abilities. When you embark on an amazing journey, you will want to ensure that you bring back images that do justice to the places you have been to so you can show all your friends the incredible experience that you have had.

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Family Adventures: Travel Photography in Yunnan
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Yunnan through a Lens: Red Earth & Fields of Gold
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Yunnan through a Lens: Tea Horse Trails
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