About Our Prices

How do we price our journeys?
The price of a journey depends on a number of factors, among them:
  • How long the journey is in days and mileage, and whether it is a round-trip or a one-way journey.
  • Whether it is accompanied by an expert guide, such as a photography coach, chef or sommelier.
  • How complex the journey is to organise and run. Cross-border journeys and routes that enter politically sensitive regions (such as Tibet) are more expensive.
  • And finally, of course, how many people in your party will share a car and how many rooms you need. For example, two people taking one car and sharing one room works out to be more expensive per person than four people sharing one car and two rooms.
Currency and per person pricing
  • Our prices are given per person and in the stated currency, either CNY (Chinese Yuan), USD (US Dollar) or Euro.
  • When you pay, you can either pay in the stated currency or convert the amount into one of many other currencies we accept.
  • We prefer payment by bank transfer. For other payment methods, please contact us.
Private Journeys
If you would like to create your own holiday for a private group, please contact us for a personal discussion about what we can offer you.