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In Asia, we focus on a region that includes south-west China – Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu – and neighboring countries such as Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Why? Because they they are the most colourful – hundreds of different minorities live here – and offer the greatest variety of landscapes and roads. Whether you are looking for high adventure – the journey to Mount Everest Base Camp, for example – or you prefer a more luxurious approach to travel (our trip from Shangri-La to Chiang Mai features some of Asia’s most beautiful hotels), you will get to know a beautiful side of Asia that will go far beyond your expectations.

Our Asian Itineraries

In Europe, we focus on the heart of the Alps – Austria and Switzerland – and a region that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire – Slovenia, Croatia and northern Italy. (Before long, we will expand to Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal.)

You may have already been to Paris, Madrid, Rome, or Vienna. Yet Europe's large cities offer but a tiny glimpse of the depth and breadth of the continent’s cultures, traditions, cuisines, wines and landscapes. On our journeys, you will discover a side to Europe that lies off the beaten tourist path. An added attraction for car lovers: the choice of cars we can rent for you is almost unlimited!

Our European Itineraries

Driving holidays offer a unique combination of freedom and privacy.

We believe that back roads are the best place to make unforgettable discoveries, whether planned or serendipitous. Back roads are where we find unspoiled landscapes, where we have the opportunity to enjoy meaningful and memorable experiences. It is on back roads that we find many of the hidden gems - restaurants, hotels, museums, vineyards, artisans, crafts and traditions - that we share with our guests.

Last but not least, we believe that luxurious hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and first-class airplane seats are lovely as far as they go, but real luxury – the kind money can’t buy – lies elsewhere these days, namely, in time for yourself and friends and family; connections to people who have something special to share; the ability to disconnect from your everyday life, and knowledge of something before others get to it. Luxury redefined, in other words.

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For you to enjoy one of our journeys, it’s not enough for us to design a great itinerary. We want you to feel safe because we believe that’s the foundation of relaxation and enjoyment. Everything needs to run like clockwork, and yet we need to leave room for serendipity - a local festival, a chance encounter. And the price must be all-inclusive so you don’t have to take out your wallet again while on the trip.

From when you first make contact with us to your return home after a journey, we want you to feel like you are traveling with friends, because we share with you what we love ourselves. Our team prides itself on being knowledgeable, genuine, flexible and going about our work with a sense of humour.

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