There are many ways of traveling, on foot or by bike, and by bus, train, boat or plane. The first two – on foot or by bike – offer freedom, but comfort and speed must take a back seat. The last four – bus, train, boat or plane – are more comfortable but give little privacy or freedom, unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to own a private airplane or boat.  ...Read More

Driving holidays by private car offer a unique blend of freedom, privacy and comfort; they allow you to taste adventure while traveling with ease. This is particularly so if you join an On the Road Experiences journey because we plan everything to make your journey both carefree and memorable.

Above all, car journeys are about freedom. Go where you want, stop where you like, and reach places that the majority of travellers never get to; often the friendliest people and the most pristine environments are far away from train stations or airports. Instead, they are found along back roads...and afford you unforgettable encounters!

Your car becomes a home from home on any long journey. Sing along to your favourite songs, open the windows and feel the wind in your hair, settle in with all your things spread around you, and enjoy a good conversation with whomever has joined you on your journey, be they family or a collection of friends.

A driving holiday is an excellent way to spend enjoyable time with the people who are dear to you. When my wife and I first met many years ago road journeys did not play a big part in her life. Nowadays – after many such journeys – we both treasure being in a car together; there is no better time for us to talk about all the things that we would otherwise never find time to discuss in our busy, everyday lives. Many of our guests seem to agree: more and more of them come to us to organize private journeys for them with their friends and family.

Freedom and privacy in a home-away-from-home, time with friends and family – a magic and refreshing blend of pleasures. It’s no wonder I’m looking forward to my next journey already…

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