We have but two overriding goals in our company. To build a team of people who love what they do AND to create beautiful experiences for our guests, experiences that they think back to fondly again and again, and tell their friends about. We are proud that in the past year [2016 at the time of writing] all of our travelers have either been repeat customers or been referred to us by existing customers.

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About Our Crafted Journeys

Here are a few of our clients – from Austria, Taiwan and Malaysia – talking about what we mean when we say that we carefully craft our itineraries to introduce you to hidden gems. Whether they are talking about heading far away from the crowds on beautiful back roads, encounters with local people or a fantastic meal at a local restaurant, these clients share with you what a great time they had traveling with On the Road Experiences.

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The Meaning of "All Inclusive"

Clients from the U.K. and Taiwan share with you how amazed they were by the quality of our service, the careful planning, thoughtful arrangements and the attention to detail that are the hallmark of our journeys. When we say all-inclusive, we mean it.

The On the Road Experience
Experience of a Lifetime

We want our journeys to be special; experiences you remember for a lifetime, a style of travel that guests like so much that they come back again and again. In this video, guests from Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, the U.K., Hong Kong and Malaysia express how they feel about On the Road Experiences' journeys.

What our guests are saying
Gerhard Aicher
General Manager, The Mira, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
"Our trip with On the Road was a very personalized, individual road trip in China, where we felt we saw the real China, off the beaten track, on back roads, where you see whats's really happening in very remote areas of beautiful China."
Dr. Sun
Doctor and Member of a Rotary Club, Taiwan

Joined Journey:
Private journey in Yunnan
"We visited a Tibetan family near the Sumtseling Monastery where there is a lady of some 80 years of age. She was very warm to people and I remember she showed me her medications because I’m a doctor. She took me to her private temple and prayed for me. In a lifetime of travelling experience, these encounters are very, very rare. Natural, scenic beauty, anyone can see, but such real people encounters, they are very very rare and special."
Michele Lai
Founder of the Kids4Kids charity, and mom of two, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
“What was quite interesting, before the trip, I remember, I didn’t think we’ll need the devices, but then the children said “Can we pack this, and that and all that?”, and I did, and I packed the computer and the iPad, and put it into a small luggage, and it never came out from the beginning to the end of trip, no one asked for it… they were so occupied, every single minute, they were happy exploring, looking at things, no one asked for anything, I was so happy!”
Rod Olsen
Ex-CFO and Member of the Board of Technology companies, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
"Well, the test is, whether they [the customers] come back again, and we’ve been back twice and are planning a third one!"
Nick Bryan
Ex-Banker and Restaurant Business Owner, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
"Escape to Shangri-La" (a shorter version of "Searching for Shangri-La")
"We expected a reasonable standard, but it was just above and beyond!"
Elisa Ong & Jason
A family from Malaysia working in Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
"The adventure of a lifetime for me!” “And would you come back again?” “Oh yeah, Definitely…Tibet, Tibet!"
Hugh & Emma Graham
A couple from the U.K. living and working in Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
"From Yunnan to the Lanna Kingdom" and a private journey for friends based on "Searching for Shangri-La"
"The whole team, incredible attention to detail, being introduced to the cars, and finding the small umbrella in the glove compartment in order to get to the big umbrellas in the back of the car, that was really something, now that’s attention to detail. When we stopped for coffee, it’s not just any old coffee...but it’s really, really good coffee. Small details like that, they thought through every aspect…”
Olimpia Salas
Mechanical Engineer, Mexico

Joined Journey:
"On the Road in Shangri-La" (an earlier version of "Searching for Shangri-La")
"Besides buying my own house, this is the best money I've spent in the past 5 years…I like adventure and visiting new and exotic places, but I also like comfort; my camping days are in the past; and I got both [adventure and comfort] on this trip."
Gary Wang
Internet Enterpreneur, China

Joined Journey:
"On the Road in Shangri-La" (an earlier version of "Searching for Shangri-La")
"10 days in a part of China that would amaze even seasoned world travellers, and with a superbly organized, tight little group."
Gene Galbraith
Once upon a time an anhropologist in South America, now a banker in Indonesia

Joined Journey:
"On the Road in Shangri-La" (an earlier version of "Searching for Shangri-La")
"It was a fascinating view of a part of China that is undergoing rapid change yet somehow manages to retain much of its cultural uniqueness."
Michael Price
Retired MD of a major power company in Asia, now based in UK

Joined Journey:
"On the Road in Shangri-La" (an earlier version of "Searching for Shangri-La")
"Not so much a holiday as an experience of a lifetime; a fascinating glimpse of an eclectic mix of old and new China. Highly recommended and a definite must do."
Lynette Ryan
Senior manager, MNC Industry, Asia, now based in Australia

Joined Journey:
"I must admit that I didn't really believe the photos that you sent around before the trip – the women in traditional clothes on the side of the street, the green fields stretching for miles – but it was all there and all amazing. The best thing of all for us was that, while we didn't have to think at all about the details of the trip, we never once felt pressured or over-organized. The "tour" was really just a comfortable group of great people to share the trip with…"
Michael Schumacher
MD, Sanitas Troesch, Switzerland

Joined Journey:
"And then we turned a corner, saw a beautiful pasture under a snow-capped mountain, and stopped for a picnic...the most beautiful picnic I ever enjoyed in the middle of nowhere, joined only by Tibetan nomads..."
Phoebe Yeh
Enterpreneur, based in Taiwan & UK

Joined Journey:
"Yunnan through a Lens: The Exotic South" (a previous version of "Yunnan through a Lens: Red Earth and Fields of Gold"
"Very special experience off the beaten track...would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to get access to local communities while having all your needs taken care of. Peter and his team did a superb job with organisation and Ron's [link: www.ronyue.com] passion for photography and skill for teaching it made the journey even more enjoyable."
Vicki Sampson
Fundraising Manager, UK

Joined Journey:
"Mountain Kingdoms of Yunnan" (previous version of "Searching for Shangri-La"
"My first trip to Yunnan with On the Road Experiences blew my mind. One of my best and most memorable trips ever. China is stunning and I felt privileged to see parts of the country where very few people have travelled. Actually, I loved it so much, that my family and I joined our second tour this year!"
Andrew Law
Now-retired Founder and CEO of a manufacturing company, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
(Comment about his first journey to Tibet) "The two weeks of traveling had been a great fun, and it wouldn't have been possible, so smooth and so successful, without the diligent effort and preparation of our journey host. Thanks to Jo and the crew! They have been great. I told Peter that this was our ‘Dream Drive’, and frankly all the wonderful memories sometimes still find their way into our dreams."
Terence Ku
Owner of a Publishing & Printing Company, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
A private journey in Asia with Porsche Club friends; a private journey in Europe with friends; “Yunnan through a Lens: Red Earth and Fields of Gold"
"Traveling with the On the Road team feels, each and every time, like traveling with a friend!"
Günter Wertenbruch
Enterpreneur, based in Germany

Joined Journey:
"Your journey is like a Rolls Royce. It was expensive, but long after one has forgotten the price one continues to remember the value and the quality. And since we’re quoting others, the following applies to On the Road as well: ‘The small things are what makes perfection, but perfection is by no means a small thing.'"
Pedro Bastos
Senior Manager at a global bank, Hong Kong

Joined Journey:
"I would like you to know that I consider our journey in Yunnan the best trip of my life. Everything was perfectly arranged, the scenery unforgettable and the care of Zoe and Mr. Bai remarkable!"
Christine Peter
Secretary, based in Berlin

Joined Journey:
“It is absolutely amazing! You manage every day to surprise us even more. How on earth did you make a picnic appear in the middle of absolutely nowhere?"