More and more of our guests are choosing to experience our journeys as a private group of friends or family.

From intimate journeys for couples celebrating a special anniversary to complex cross-border itineraries for boisterous groups of car club friends, we have created special experiences for a wide range of clients.

Many of our clients tell us “We never join groups!”, and yet when they join one of ours, they love it because our set-departure, small-group journeys strike a great balance: enjoy freedom and privacy during the day in your car and meet other like-minded travelers during dinners and joint activities. (And if you'd like to opt out of this or that, of course! We will do our best to make your journey as personal and as tailored to your interests as possible.)

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Our journeys lend themselves to celebrating special occasions. We have had:

  • couples celebrating anniversaries,
  • groups of friends celebrating a birthday
  • family reunions
  • company bosses organising journeys for senior managers to thank them for their hard work
  • parents looking for a special family holiday before their children head off to university
  • car club members looking for an adventure “unlike anything we’ve done before"

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, a driving holiday "event" will make it very, very memorable!

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“What’s your minimum group size?” many often ask. There is no lower limit to the size of a group, but for completeness’ sake we must add that the smaller the group, the higher the per-person price.

“I would love to join one of your journeys, but our schedule never matches up with yours!” We hear this often, too. If this is the case for you, a private journey may be ideal - depart when the time is right for you!

About Our Journey Prices

Tailored. Many of our clients choose one of our existing itineraries and then simply pick a time convenient for them and ask for some small changes – add a day here or there to slow down the pace, or replace one hotel with another they wish to try.

Custom-Made. On occasion, tweaking an itinerary just isn’t enough, and a client requests a bespoke journey which may involve

  • shipping their own cars (classic or modern) to the starting point of a journey and then back to their home base, or
  • researching new regions that they wish to explore

Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll take up the challenge to create something unique for you!

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