Nordic Trails and Fjords I


This 12-day itinerary is an exploration of some of the high-lights and back roads and hidden gems of south-west Norway. It begins in Norway's capital, Oslo, and ends in Bergen, home of the UNESCO Bryggen Wharf by the Atlantic coast. ...Read More

From Oslo you drive via Lillehammer, the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics, to Norway's world-famous fjords from which beautiful, snow-covered mountains rise up steeply to touch the clouds. Stunning vistas open up as you drive along these fjords (and sometimes cross them by ferry) and over memorable mountain passes such as Trollstigen. Besides the well-known, this itinerary also takes in quieter, off-the-beaten-path corners of Norway such as Loen, Øye, Norangsdalen, Hafslo, and many others.

Driving in Norway is a sheer pleasure: the roads are very well-maintained and they lead through extraordinary landscapes.

While perhaps a few years ago Norway (along with the other Scandinavian countries) would not have been counted among the "foodie" destinations of this world, this has changed: today, you will want to travel to Norway not only for its "powered by nature" beauty, but also for its culinary delights.

We welcome you to join this journey along nordic trails!

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What's Included:

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Day by Day:
Arrive in Oslo (Norway)
Arrive at your leisure in Oslo. In the evening, a warm welcome dinner for our guests
In and around Oslo
Explore Oslo, the 1000-year old capital of Norway. Visit its Viking Museum, stroll along the picturesque harbour front and through the remarkable Vigeland park
Oslo to Lillehammer
You begin your drive along the first of countless charming country roads via Nes to Lillehammer
Lillehammer to Geiranger
Remoter and remoter…via Dalsnibba to one of the world’s most renowned fjords
Geiranger to Skodje
Trollstigen, one of Norway’s most beautiful roads, will be today’s high-light…
In and around Skodje
A day of rest in one of the most charming hotels of the journey? Or an exploration of Alesund, a charming fishing port? Or hiking in the hills above Storfjorden? It will be a wonderful day!
Skodje to Oye
The Geiranger Fjord crossing will be today’s highlight on your way south to a historic hotel…
Oye to Hafslo
Further south along spectacular country roads to Sogndalsfjorden
In and around Hafslo
You may well choose to spend the day with Lindis, the owner of the most special hotel on this journey. Or drive to Urnes Stave Church, the oldest in Norway…a must see. Or one of a million other hidden gems in Hafslo
Hafslo to Bergen
A drive across the most stunningly beautiful mountain pass and above Aurlandsfjorden
In and around Bergen
A concert at Troldhaugen, Edvard Grieg’s erstwhile residence; a visit to the Hanseatic Museum...a slow day as the journey draws to a close
All good things must come to an end...

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Jun/30/2018 - Jul/11/2018
Distance: 1320 KM
High Altitude: NA

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